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By Carrie-ann | Aug 23, 2016 | Do It Yourself, Internet Marketing

My Holistic Approach to Digital Marketing

If you want to grow an oak, you have to plant an acorn. This is a core tenet of the approach I take to digital marketing, as well as part of my overall ethos on life itself. Starting small and building to something big is sensible, rather than going all-in from day one and running the risk of overstretching your resources.
When it comes to holistic digital marketing, there are three main aspects of the routine I follow covering the first three months of any project. And understanding these will make it easier to get to grips with the ins and outs of holistic marketing in general.

Holistic Marketing Stage 1 – Assess Signals
To measure the effectiveness of any marketing campaign, you need to work out which signals best represent how impactful a particular promotional push has become. This can include everything from CTRs (click through rates) for PPC ads to the number of shares that a piece of content receives on social media.
These signals are all relevant because they provide you with a baseline against which you can calculate any future fluctuations in marketing success. And there are many powerful analytics tools available to assist in the early stages.

Stage 2 – Measure & Manage
With the signals on lock-down, you can then begin to measure the performance of your current marketing, work out where any weak points lie and manage campaigns in a way that results in tangible improvements with my help.
At this point it is important to be willing to trim the fat and eliminate any aspects which are simply not working, whether that involves revising the keywords you are targeting or overhauling landing pages so that they are better able to satisfy your target audience.
Even the ads themselves may need to be altered in order to ensure that they are generating enough exposure for your site and also stimulating the correct response in potential customers.

Stage 3 – Gaining Traction
By this point, you should have a good idea as to how well your budget is being spent. You will see conversions increase and be able to map this against marketing expenditure to establish a comprehensive analysis of ROI.
With my holistic digital marketing strategies in place, now should be the ideal time to unleash more ambitious campaigns, confident in the knowledge that your efforts will deliver the results you desire at a price you can afford.
You will also have proven that taking things step by step and having a schedule to follow is far more effective than taking a scattergun approach to online promotion.