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By Carrie-ann | Jul 28, 2013 | Internet Marketing

Online Marketing That Works

Online marketing that works is within every small business owners grasp. I’ve worked with a wide range of small companies and in my experience many start out practicing what I like to call “hope and pray” marketing. They typically hire a random company – either the cheapest or best they can afford and sit back and wait. Typically they are waiting for enquiries to come rolling in. This naturally leads to disappointment.
Think about it. As a small business owner it’s vital you stay in control of all elements of your business. This includes online marketing.  If you don’t build up a basic level of knowledge you will never know if your businesses’ marketing is being done correctly. Please don’t just take it on trust that any agency you hire will do what they say they will.  Assumptions can prove to be expensive.
Most small businesses have cash flow worries. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend money on online marketing it just means you have to spend wisely. This is where knowledge comes in. You’ll find most so-called internet marketing experts won’t share theirs. I don’t work like that. I believe that a client with some understanding of marketing will get better results. This means making savings and earning more.
There are of course different types of online marketing. Some is designed to plant seeds and some is instantly measurable. There are specific activities you can do today that will help generate cash flow. But too many business owners find they do not get the results they expect, despite in some cases, spending thousands.
If your marketing is not bringing in results then it’s not worth doing. A bit of know-how however can transform your results. With me, there are no secrets. I believe in sharing what works with my clients.  For example, for any type of advertising you do you must be able to measure results. Different advertising formats generate different outcomes. You may not know today what will generate the best results for you in your current circumstances, but I can share that knowledge with you.
Some online advertising for example, is designed to increase brand awareness. You measure that in quite a different way from say generating a direct lead. And of course not all leads are equal. Some businesses can end up awash with leads but find they don’t convert; a problem that’s easily rectified.