Facebook ad features
By Carrie-ann | Oct 24, 2021 | Social Media

Our 12 Best Facebook Ads Features

Facebook ads is an impressively versatile tool that all businesses should be fully exploiting. Yes, Facebook is constantly evolving which makes it tricky to keep with every new development. But trust me when I say that the ads functionality is well worth the time investment.

Here are just 12 features that have the power to enhance your entire Facebook marketing strategy…

1.The Pixel Helper

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that can be placed on your site to track and optimise ads, re-market to the right people, and build highly targeted audiences for future campaigns. The helper tool allows advertisers to ensure it has been properly implemented and thoroughly optimised.

2.Third Party Tag Integration

The Events Manager toolkit has made integrating the pixel code into Magento, Shopify, Woo Commerce or BigCommerce sites easier than ever before.


This feature allows you to target people who have ‘liked’ your Page and friends of people who have ‘liked’ your page. It can also be used to reach those who responded to an event invitation.


Analytics information can be reached from the Business Manager navigation menu and includes everything from user demographics to engagement metrics. Funnels can also be created to measure sequences of specific actions.

5.Audience Insights

Also reachable from the Business Manager navigation menu, this feature allows you to construct your ideal audience and gather important information relating to user interests.

6.Creative Hub

This tool allows advertisers to mock-up potential ads and test different iterations to see which delivers optimal results. Advertisers with a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy will be pleased to learn that this hub also facilitates testing of carousel ads and video content alongside single images.


Despite only being available to campaigns with a lifetime budget, this feature allows advertisers to push ads out at very specific times.

8.Budget Optimisation

This tool helps advertisers to appropriately balance their total spend across all ad sets. It may be beneficial to set a central budget across several ad sets if you want Facebook to distribute those funds to the best-performing sets.

9.Targeting by Location

From city to radius targeting, you decide who sees your ads. This can be filtered by everyone, those living in the target location, those who have recently been in the target location, and those who have recently travelled to the target location.

10.Saved Audiences

If you want to save a specific audience to target again later, this can be done with ease within the Targeting tab of each ad set.

11.Publisher and Block Lists

The Publisher List contains thousands of page URLs that may display your Facebook ads. You should review this every month and ensure all URLS you don’t want to appear on are added to your Block List.


There are countless potential combinations of automated rules covering a variety of elements. From bid adjustments to activating campaigns, this feature is an excellent way to streamline your ad management process without relinquishing much control.