Salon case study
By Carrie-ann | May 04, 2023 | Social Media, Case Studies, Social Spotlight Series

Social Media Marketing for Cornwall Hair Salon

We absolutely adore this company and are very fond of all their team who work extremely hard, always on their feet.

Our client, a hair salon based in Cornwall (NDA signed), approached us to improve their social media presence. Their previous posts were sporadic and did not resonate with their audience. Our challenge was to create social media content that was not only engaging but also highlighted the salon’s services and values.

Key Issue:

There were several key issues that we identified when we began working with the hair salon. Firstly, they had no defined target audience or content marketing strategy. Secondly, their social media accounts lacked consistent branding and tone. Lastly, they hadn’t explored other platforms, which could have opened up new opportunities for engagement. They had only focussed on


We conducted comprehensive research to identify who tends to visit the salon and what type of content appeals to them the most. After getting a clearer picture of the target audience, we created a content calendar that featured specific themes for each month, including seasonally relevant topics. We also made sure that our content showcased a variety of services that the salon offers.

To ensure branding consistency, we rebranded the salon’s social media pages to match their website’s design. We also ensured that all social media posts had a consistent tone, voice, and colour scheme. This helped create a distinct identity for the salon, which made it easier for customers to recognise them.

To expand their reach, we suggested creating a Facebook page, they had only engaged in Instagram prior to contacting us.


Our efforts to improve the salon’s social media presence resulted in a significant increase in engagement. Their follower count rose from 100 to over 1,000 in six months. They started receiving more inquiries about appointments and services, and their reputation improved on and offline. Some key metrics are:

  • Instagram reach increased by 300%
  • Instagram engagement increased by 500%
  • Facebook was not done prior to us so we were able to really make a difference here


We helped improve the salon’s social media presence through research, planning, and good content. By identifying the target audience, creating a content strategy, and being consistent, we were able to engage with more customers and improve the salon’s reputation. The increased engagement and online activity resulted in higher numbers of appointments and clients, providing clear evidence of the business’s social media improvement.