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By Carrie-ann | Jul 21, 2013 | Internet Marketing

Start Your Own Online Business

Can you start your own online business? I would be the first person to say there are still plenty of opportunities to create your own internet business success story.  But the lure of riches parts many naive business owners from their money. You’ll find masses of competition across many niches. This means it’s tricky to differentiate your business, but branding is essential to success. You also have to contend with Google and other platforms: all have a big impact on whether you will be successful. Change is the only constant.
On the plus side you can set up an online business with very little capital. Even if you plan to sell products you don’t even have to buy stock. There are ways and means – there are many different routes to online success. You can be an affiliate or set up a ‘drop shipping’ business or offer a service or set up a store for products.  There are a huge range of options available. But whatever you choose your internet marketing can make or break your business. It really is the key to success. Just because there are little or no barriers to entry doesn’t mean there’s no hard work involved. If you have no knowledge or experience of online marketing my advice is get some or buy some.  If you are prepared to put effort into learning about the latest developments in online marketing you really improve your chances. All you have to do is translate it into a suitable marketing plan for a start-up. You can be successful with a little trial and error.
One of the reasons new business owners give up is that they try one thing and when it doesn’t work out become disheartened. Starting a new business is hard work and always requires perseverance.  You can reduce the risk of taking a wrong turn by getting some early professional input, your other option. It doesn’t have to cost the earth.  Also, a professional internet marketing consultant will be up to speed on new developments – these can really influence your success. As the owner of a new business your focus should be on generating early cash flow and marketing should be adapted to that.
My one day consultancy, for example, will help you understand who your customers are and how you can get in front of them.  This is a completely ‘standalone’ service with no upselling from me.  You will receive up to 60 pages of easy to understand information which will shows quite clearly where you should focus your marketing efforts. The report is unique to your business and your competitors.
I won’t contact you after the report has been delivered but if you want help with implementation I am happy to have a discussion about how I can help.
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