sales from social media
By Carrie-ann | Aug 28, 2019 | Social Media

What it takes to get sales from social media

Making Social Media Marketing Logical

If you’ve not yet mastered social media conversions it’s important you remember that conversions after one click are just not going to happen. You need to stop throwing ads and posts at the social media walls hoping they stick. It’s not going to happen.

Consider this…

When you use social media on a personal level, you scroll and stop when you find a friend that you’re curious about. It’s the same for your business. People will only stop scrolling if it grabs their attention and let’s be honest, that’s really tough now that people know how to use social media properly.

Can you get sales via social media?

Yes, but you’ll need to stop selling. You need to take your audience on a journey, use social media to educate, inspire and show your audience that you’re a genuine business. Your audience needs to feel an emotional connection to your brand before they will buy from you. Especially if you’re selling a high value item or service.

Go inspire, educate and make them fall in love with your brand, then conversions will flow nicely.

Should you use PPC and SEO instead of social media?

You should use both because your audience is different. Let me explain further…

Social media – someone who might be interested (with a nudge from you)
PPC & Organic – someone who is already interested as they have searched for you

The mindset of your audience is different on social media. You’re talking to someone who ‘might’ be interested as opposed to someone who is already interested. You ideally should use social, PPC and social media. Your presence needs to be wherever your target audience is hanging out. Your audience will have specific online trends just like you do.

If you need help understanding who your audience is, please take my free guide and worksheet, it will give you a clearer direction.