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By Carrie-ann | Jun 13, 2017 | Adwords/PCC

Your Adwords guide

Optimising Your AdWords Campaign Successfully: A Key Element of PPC Marketing Strategy
A well-structured AdWords campaign can positively impact the ways in which you report your progress, help you to easily access key accounts information, improve your overall quality score, and effectively achieve growth because it will be easy to see what has been working and which elements need further attention.

PPC AdWords Auction
AdWords deftly finds every advertisement with appropriate keywords whenever someone searches for something on Google. It then filters out ineligible advertisements which, for example, may not be geographically appropriate, before ultimately only displaying those with good Ad Rank ratings.

Ad Rank
This is a tool that is used to establish if and when your advertisement will be visible, and exactly where it will be shown. Every time your advertisement is an appropriate fit for a particular search term its Ad Rank will be recalculated, but ranking ultimately relies on a combination of bid, probable impact and quality

Quality Score
The higher your Quality Score, the better position your advertisement is likely to achieve, because AdWords has identified it, and your website, as being particularly useful to the person to which it is being displayed.
High quality advertisements are likely to be more cost effective and consistently secure many of the better positions within search engine results. Your advertisement should always be assessed for relevance because it will be more likely to achieve a higher click through rate.
Remember that it is possible to secure a higher position with a lower bid if your advertisement is more relevant and has secured a higher quality score than your competitors.

Text Advertisements
A well optimised text advertisement will have a 25 character headline, two 35 character descriptions, a 35 character display URL and an appropriate destination URL. Punctuation is important, with trademark symbols in particular attracting attention and communicating a high level of dependability and authenticity.

There are a number of different match types, which demonstrates the importance of thorough keyword research. With an exact match, advertisements are only activated when a user enters a precise combination of words, however advertisements will also be activated with a phrase match, a broad match or a BMM match if users meet different sets of requirements.

Advertisement Extensions
Different extensions can encourage different methods of interaction, and which one you choose will largely depend on your target audience and how you want to engage with them.
Sitelink extensions will help individuals to navigate your website by providing direct links to relevant pages.
Location extensions will display your business address, and if users are viewing on a mobile device there will also be a link that contains directions.
Review extensions should link to credible reviews and can help to build a level of trust with your audience.
Call extensions will display your business phone number, with mobile devices also being presented with a button they can hit to call you immediately.

The Testing Process
Accessing key performance data is one of the most important parts of advertisement optimisation. You need to know how your ads are performing, because this information will illuminate the areas in which you can make improvements.