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By Carrie-ann | Feb 05, 2015 | Do It Yourself, Google news, How to get on the top of Google, Internet Marketing

Google Adwords Callout Extensions

Are you using the new Adwords Callout extension?  If you’re a PPC advertiser you should be experimenting with at least some extensions.  They are a win-win. Research shows including them makes it more likely your advert will be clicked. Not only that they are free and are used in Ad Rank calculations. In other words, Google wants you to use them.
I’ve said before Google Adwords is getting more complex as new features are introduced.  Whether you use a third party to manage your account or take a DIY approach it’s really important to stay ahead of new developments. A good example is in the area of extensions. In many competitive Adwords sectors, the well-judged use of extensions can really make a difference. Make it easier for searchers to call you or enhance your branding with feedback scores. There’s a range to choose from, and the range is even bigger than before with the introduction of Callout Extensions.
adwords call out extensions
Callouts look similar to Sitelink extensions but their purpose is quite different. While Sitelinks is an easy enough concept to grasp, Callouts take a bit more explaining. These are not links. Rather they are features of your offer that you can use to differentiate your business from others. Here’s an example.  Sitelinks included in an ad may read, Teddy Bears, Dolls, and Games.  All of these can be clicked on. Callouts are positioned above Sitelinks (if featured) and may include such features as Price matching, 24-7 Customer service and Free postage. These are not clickable links but rather aspects of your offer you are leveraging to encourage searchers to click your ad.
The Callout Extension can be optimised for mobile devices allowing you to vary the messages that appear according to the device. And like other extensions you can control exactly when the Callout extension appears. Callout Extensions can be implemented at various levels including campaigns and ad groups.
One thing to bear in mind is that Callout Extensions are only available for the Search Network or Search Network with Display Select. Callouts also can’t be combined with dynamic keyword insertion.
Be wary of repetition and duplication. You can’t repeat text that’s already used in your ad or use the same Callout at different levels in your account. Finally, Google says it’s better to restrict Callouts to 12-15 characters and to use Sentence casing (Like this).
To go back to whether you should be using extensions or not including Callouts, I can see little reason not to, other than not having the know-how. One of the advantages of getting a professional to manage your Adwords campaigns is that questions like this will already have been answered (or should have been). Your CTRs should have improved, reflected in your monthly reports.
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