By Carrie-ann | Apr 14, 2011 | Useful Tips

Easy Typist Virtual Keyboard

I thought I would start a ‘helpful tools’ section. No affiliate links and no sales just useful tools I have come across.
My first is a handy tool from Jonathan Leger.  I get lots of emails and I must take the time to read them more because there are some really good products available to help you with your online marketing.
The easy typist is a virtual keyboard that helps you improve your typing skills.  Jonathan doesn’t recommend it for people who are already fast typists so I would be really grateful if you could try it out and leave a comment here, I will then pass on your feedback to Jonathan. I don’t know Jonathan personally, some of his tools I do not recommend but the easy typist caught my eye.
See the easy typist demo here
Download easy typist here Use this registration code: easytypistbeta